Sunday, March 29, 2009


I ruminate. I attempt to not change verb tenses and therefore start in the present. Cuz that's where I'm going to wind up, telling any story. I'm transported there. I might be here, typing away, talking to you through my fingers, but I'm there, baby.

I'm there.

Every song sounds great to me right now. Annie Lennox is giving me a HA! like only she can, straight from the first track of the 1984 soundtrack. Beautiful. Gorgeous.

I just read Ali's blog and was SUCKED IN and transported to a spot where a Yogi Penguin showed her a place where you can always find a stretch of time, in between the moments.

If music is about the spaces inbetween the notes, then is life between the moments?

I am and I am here and mostly put together and that my friends is amazing. I could have little face. I could have broken bones. I am battered but whole. Story of my life. Dig it. Own it. CANNOT bring me down, baby. Goes down and gets right back up. Witness.

Watch me. I don't care. Watch me win.

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