Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Time is a Fantasy

How quickly I go back to the groove I was in before. Still, I might complain about how constricting it is, even if it is all self-imposed and also good for me. That's probably the problem, that it's good for me, and therefore takes time away from things like skipping around on Facebook or watching T.V. or something equally time-sucking.

Time is a figment of our imagination. I'm pretty sure of it. Mostly because it starts and stops, slows down and then goes whizzing by and we suddenly feel like we need a Day-Runner in quarter-hour increments but WHEN will we find the time to fill it out?

I would LOVE to be able to slow down time and speed it up at will. Then I could've spent what would feel like days in each stop of my recent roadtrip. A few hours, somewhere between 17 and 23 hours, I spent at three different locations. I drove over 1400 miles in total. I spent a grand total of 24 hours on the road driving. Not too shabby. I drove through rain and leftover snowfall. G-d bless the Yankees who know how to (a) clear the roads and (b) drive in it.

Sheri I saw first, a high school friend who has grown a family since the last time I saw her. When was that? 96? That was a while ago. Her hubby was sweet and her two boys sociable and good natured. I only had to watch one play video games for a little while, and later distracted him with juggling. He also taught me a simple game that kept both of us busy for a while: guess the number in my head. It was really a negotiation of rules for the game, which was interesting in itself. Smart guy. Dinner was delish! The image of Sheri cooking was wacky for me, but she was totally at home with that roasted bird. Yum.

Roads here were pretty good, except for that moment when I tried to turn around in a residential and slightly icy driveway. I learned that my rental car was a front-wheel drive. That's good, I thought, rocking back and forth and spinning my wheels until they found pavement.

Lisa B. and Jenn are both from college. That's stop number 2 and 3, respectively.

Lisa B. and I did what seems like a lot of driving together during my college years, as well as holidays spent together. Felt a lot like visting family after not being in touch for a long time. It is wacky how easily and quickly that comfortable feeling comes back. Even with the passage of time and a lot of unknown history, having that past-past connection gives a certain grounding. I met the dog, and that was cool, having had a poodle before myself (tho not one of the giant ones).

After a lovely evening of football -- we watched a game and a half -- we retired happily. Snow fell that night. In the morning, after toast, eggs and tea, we played in the snow for a while. I drove away moments later, swerving boldly on packed snow. WHOO HOO!

Now that drive was more fun. Slow slow going down Route 7, sliding down the Vermont landscape, with beautiful visions on either side. The snow wasn't falling. But the trucks were rolling, and the sun was melting it a little, enough to spatter my windshield and for me to burn through my wiper fluid before arriving at my next destination.

Jenn and I knew each other in college. We bumped into each other at off-campus dinners and on the pages of the Scarlet and Black. Figures we'd bump into each other in Facebook and continue our ourpouring verbiage. So if it's possible to have an old-new friend, that's what I've got. Most excellent!

I've been hearing about "foodies" for so long... I've decided that I'm a "wordie" and it's nice to find others whose word-knitting. Jenn's basically famous, in a nascent kind of way, through her blog Breed 'Em and Weep. By nascent I mean a shitload of people read her blog. And by shitload I mean nearly four figures worth of unique visitors a month. Pretty effing impressive. My Jahbear site probably gets ten total visitors a month, and that's me hitting it twice from two locations. My corporate site doesn't get that much traffic. Did I mention she's basically famous? Anyway.... Activities with the offspring consisted of trying to get foam animals in gel capsules to be freed, attempts at belching the A-B-C's and doing some fashion consulting. Her girls are fantastically brilliant and adorable. Figures.

So... now it's back to martial arts twice or three times a week, Hebrew twice, and more than 40 hours of work a week. Squeeze in some writing, and a healthy amount of Facebooking. That's pretty much my life. Maybe that means I don't have to update my FB status any more. Except for when I go to Minneapolis to that Hum-Office and to visit with other awesome college friends and cool bloggers.

Yeah, I'm so constricted. Puh-lease. Life is good... don't let me convince you otherwise.

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  1. Oh, sorry, I would have written sooner, EXCEPT I'M BASICALLY FAMOUS AND GWEN STEFANI AND I WERE HAVING A PLAYDATE. And then the dogs puked and the girls had diarrhea and I WOKE UP.

    You are hilarious and beautiful and wonderful and you crack me up. Bless you for your ridiculous kindness. And I still wish I'd stuffed that $20 back in your bra.