Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Bear and a Moose walk into a bar...

... and the Moose says to the Bear, "I don't think we've been here before."

It's just a bar, of course. We all know what a bar consists of, generally. Just like pretty much everyone knows what a Blog is these days. I've tried to do Blogs before... a craptastic one off of my website host, I think I've even had one on Blogger before. It also seems like all of my pals have been writing Blogs for years. They've all got months and months of old posts, and I feel like I could take a whole day just to read what they've been through.

Me, I've got Jahbear ( which I started in earnest right when I was leaving Heidi for Lauren. And then life got even more complicated than usual. But it's not a Blog so much as a light HTML sampling of color combinations and nifty images. I have complete control and as a result it's not the easiest thing to update.

So, as usual, I am one of the last to jump into the water. It's a Blog, just like other Blogs you know. But we (me, the Bear and you, the Moose) haven't been here before.

Wonder what's on tap?

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  1. I used to have a blogger blog. I've had my current blog for two years but it's not free which is a bummer. I like it better though. Anyway...yay for blogging.