Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mobile Blogger Test

I'm trying to be a slightly more engaged tech professional. I configured my cell phone to connect to ... we'll see how it works.

Included is this gloomy and beautiful pic I took on Valentine's day. I haven't had a poignant V-day in a long time, but this year was oddly difficult. I checked out early, ducking into bed before 9 PM. I had company was but was lonely. Had an awesome dinner, and a largely productive day, going to the gym and sword class. But I skipped synagogue services, evening and morning, and felt like a bad Jew just because my favorite cantor wasn't on.

Dear friends sent me sweet emails. Other friends had their hearts ripped out. This heart thing, this love thing, is dangerous and seductive.

Sending love.
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  1. Does this mean you will be blogging while riding around on Awesome? And if so, what will you name this new pasttime? Blogging + Scooting = Blooting? Scogging? Scooging?